The Digital Nativity… but it’s not transmedia… yet!

This has been doing the rounds.

And it’s great.

Innovative, fun and a tongue-in-cheek slant on how the nativity story might be conveyed in our digital times.  (click to watch it – it’s worth it!)

It’s extremely well thought out and orchestrated – note the date on the iPhone when Mary gets a text from Archangel Gabriel – 24th March (not sure if that WAS a Friday 2010 years ago, but I’m not THAT much of a geek to find out!).  The timings are near on perfect for a 25th December baby.

Google maps locate the spot too.

But I’m disappointed.

In my transmedial playfulness I reacted to the ‘prompts’ and emailed  This is what I said to him..

“Hi Joseph

Looks like you’ll be getting some good news over the next few days – hope you’re ready for it.

As a single parent I want to highlight to you how important the support of both parents is – I know how unexpected pregnancies can be stressful..

If you need diapers I can get you a deal – not sure of postage to Nazareth though – will check online.

Good luck… Oh and a hint … if they tell you there’s no room at the inn.. try the stables!  😉  “

Now, I KNOW he’s busy right now, but he hasn’t replied to me.


My transmedia brain has been hard-wired to respond when I see that somebody has taken the time to reveal an email address…

So, with Joseph’s disappointing UNdigital response I went to Google to register myself.  If he wasn’t going to answer his well-wishers then I was!

But the name has gone.

It’s been taken… ;(

So I followed the lead to Facebook to find his profile and ‘friend’ him – ready for some conversation….

No luck there either.

So I continued watching and found a dead-cert clue.  @Balthazar895 – he’d even begun tweeting.  So I went to Twitter..

and got this…

Then I tried one of the three wise men – @Melchior056

and I found him!!

So then I watch as Melchior sends an email to Balthazar…

So I do too.

I ask him whether he’ll take Frankincense or Myrrh and remind him that he doesn’t have long left to decide.

I get a <MAILER-DAEMON> response – “the email account you tried to reach does not exist.”

As for Joseph?  It looks like I’ll just have to sit and wait for another week and see whether he sends me an email announcing the birth of his new son…

I stopped watching at 2:10 minutes, disappointed.

My only thread of hope that this hugely viral clip might be a transmedia game are the continuation of  Melchior’s tweets.

This is a fun, fab idea and I refuse to believe it’s the end of it ;(

ExcentricPT (creators) are based in Lisbon, Portugal and their website is slick, polished and highly ‘digital’…

The 2:58 video clip has 2,446,726 views in 1 week.

They describe it;

“How social media, web and mobile tell the story of the Nativity.
Christmas story told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, Amazon…  Times change, the feeling remains the same.

ExcentricPT, this might be a seasonal, fun viral that brings a lot of traffic and awareness to your slick website and agency but please don’t tell me that you wasted the opportunity to have a conversation with at least SOME of those 2.5 million viewers!

Watching this space!!

Please don’t tell me this is it…..


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