StoryWorld Conference & Expo 2011

OK, so it’s ALL about story, right?  Without a robust and engaging story that resonates – it all falls flat.

Story is everywhere – ad agencies are using story to sell and build brand loyalty, film directors, publishers, writers,  are looking to transmedia to extend their storyworlds over timelines, geographies and platforms.

Transmedia is great fun – there is no doubt, but the real hard work, the graft, comes long before consideration of platform and transmedia flow.  There is a dual development process when looking to produce a tight and relevant transmedia experience and that begins with your storyworld.  Storyworld architecture and storybibling are SO key, it nearly hurts.

So I am now SO excited to finally let you in on this.

I am delighted to have been appointed as Conference Chair for ‘THE most exciting conference of the decade!!’

StoryWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco

Shaping the Future of Story Culture & Business in a Transmedia World

Save The Date:

October 31 – November 2, 2011
Parc 55 Wyndham Hotel
Union Square • San Francisco

The hype around transmedia is no secret.

Transmedia development takes a robust intellectual property and organically fragments it across territories, timelines and platforms to reach mass audiences, optimizing the rights holder’s revenue potential.

This is the era of convergence.

Publishers, filmmakers, producers, directors, broadcasters, writers and gamers
are seeing the huge potential that collaboration will bring, but Story is the key, the first base, the hub.  Without invigorating the potential of Story, building a storyworld and storybibling, the power of transmedia begins to dilute.

At StoryWorld Conference + Expo 2011, you’ll meet with professionals from the publishing, film, television, and gaming industries to examine planning, development, production, and execution strategies for storytelling across multiple platforms.

You’ll get feedback on your transmedia plans and connect with potential partners for the creation of content and tools to shape your story business.

As Robert McKee once said, “‘good story’ means something worth telling that the world wants to hear.  Finding this is your lonely task.  It begins with talent.  You must be born with the creative power to put things together in a way no one has ever dreamed.  Then you must bring to the work a vision that’s driven by fresh insights into human nature and society, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of your characters and your world.

And if THAT’s what you’re talking about – you need to be at the very first StoryWorld Conference in San Francisco from 31 October – 2 November.

Visit to sign up for updates or don’t hesitate to contact me at

More info to follow real soon  😉

10 thoughts on “StoryWorld Conference & Expo 2011

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  3. I agree with the premise: >>Story is the key, the first base, the hub.<< So far I haven't seen anything remotely resembling where transmedia is going, only the tantalizing mirage. But I'm just starting to research this. Anyone have any examples–i.e. sites etc. where I can get an eyeful?

  4. story is the key but first we define the genre……until we understand/test how users wish to engage and the extent/context that this engagement might be we fumble as to the story………perhaps to create a storyworld we have to first define the world a story can be defined by?

    • I completely back this up! I was desperately hoping to get to this event and wasn’t able to make it. But kudos to you Marie, fabulous topics and excellent speakers too.. I must talk to you about my plans for StoryWorld Conference 2012… 😉

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