I’m a transmedia producer and storyteller coming primarily from a chick-lit/rom com background.  I’m author of 4 novels, a playwrite, journalist and PhD student currently researching Transmedia Storytelling – Emerging Platforms for Writers, Fragmented Interaction & Pervasive Media…  Or, put more simply, reading and writing in new and exciting ways and on a variety of new and exciting devices & extending storyworlds and fictional universes over territories, timelines and platforms!

I’m currently writing my fifth novel – a transmedia rom com fiction which will be the first rom com/chick lit transmedia story to be published in book form as well as on a host of digital platforms.


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  1. Just to say thanks for the great content, am learning a lot,

    PS: my email box is so full, so I won’t subscribe – but will be in touch. Good luck with your research also.

  2. Hi
    I found your site off of the wikipedia site. I’ll be interested in reading/seeing your book when you are finished.

    The VASA-Project is an online media workshop http://vasa-project.com

    A new project at VASA is an e-bookstore for the distribution of the work of artist, theorist, critics, etc. It will go public at the end of November.


  3. Hello Alison, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts (via LinkedIn) on transmedia and publishing. I’ve been wondering why the romance publishers have not jumped all over transmedia, so it’s interesting to me that you work in the chick-lit genre, which seems especially right for it!

    I am looking at transmedia more from the commercial side, as I believe it’s possible for brands to sponsor one, several or all tm platforms without spoiling the experience. I am especially intrigued by what you say about the ‘bite size” creative and commercial opportunities that may exist during “cracks” in the day.

    I shall look more closely at One Child and follow Entrhill. I’d like to follow your blog and tweets, too. (is your Staying Single project public?) Again, I think your work in chick-lit is really interesting relative to the whole transmedia discussion.

    If you like I’m happy to mention you and link to your “Publishers to sell experiences” post on my blog, which I then promote on Twitter.

    Thanks again for sharing your ideas with me!

    Best wishes,

    Gerry Casanova

    Email: Newhouse95@gmail.com
    Social Hub: http://www.google.com/profiles/newhouse95#contact
    Portfolio/CV: http://www.visualcv.com/fuwmnq1
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gerrycasanova
    Blog: http://narrativemarketingnow.blogspot.com/
    My Artwork: http://bit.ly/d5q73T

    • Hi Gerry
      There’s been a lot of talk about branded content and sponsorship and I agree that brands can sponsor transmedia platforms without spoiling the experience but, once again, only when relevant. Also there is the subtlety factor – people are being sold to 24/7 and will baulk at any hint of product placement within a storyworld unless done with great credibility and sensitivity.
      There is an example of a best selling novelist who took sponsorship from Bulgari for her latest novel and wrote them into the book as ‘payoff’. Readers were angry and she lost a huge amount of credibility, so it’s walking on egg-shells if not done extremely carefully. Having said that I’d like to talk further about this topic as it’s one that I haven’t really touched on (yet), so if you have any other thoughts please feel free to share – it’ll be interesting to get the commercial perspective.
      Staying Single is public and hanging in the fold as I have had some interest from publishers. You can check it out at http://www.sophie-stayingsingle.blogspot.com and if you need any other links or info on the project let me know and I can point you in the right direction. 😉
      It would be great if you would mention @storycentral on your blog – thank you! And I’ll certainly return the favour.
      Look forward to speaking to you again soon.

  4. Hi. I am CEO of Savvy Productions. I’m developing transmedia storyworlds for romantic comedy – drama and also documentary formats – and keen to engage with writer who a) get it b) are interested in romantic comedy and transmedia


    Do get in touch. We are based in Manchester and Hong Kong – but I’m in London for some transmedia bbc consultancy and pixel lab soon – so lets chat further

  5. Hello Alison,
    I work as a teacher for persons with disability who are eager to have new ways of being engaged with media via multi-sensory technologies. How do you see what you are doing as meeting the needs of the disabled culture?

    Thanks for your time,

    Peggy Hakanson
    Oakland, CA

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