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  1. Let me go a step further than I did in my last email to you. You say that “stories are all around us.” Yet most of the stories you hear (and most that each of us tells) are pointless, not memorable, and ineffective.

    The question to ask is: what makes those few effective stories work? the answer lies in their structure—in how key pieces of information are arranged and presented to meet the needs of a listener’s hardwired neural story net.Yes, we humans have been evolutionarily hardwired to think, and to make sense, through very specific story terms and structures.

    This is where the science of story becomes a practical tool for every person that needs to communicate, to inspire, to teach, or to convince. Based on years of neural research, I can show attendees the eight essential story elements that meet the informational demands of an audience’s storied mind. It’s practical. It’s fun. And it is startlingly powerful.


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